Thought of the Day: Bengals in 2010

When it comes to maintaining success, everyone knows the plight of the Cincinnati Bengals.

They’ve had zero playoff wins since 1991, and the Bengals' last back-to-back winning seasons were from 1981-82. The 1982 season was a strike year, and Cincinanti finished 7-2 in nine-games.

So in our latest version of "Thought of the Day," we ask our community if this current group of Bengals will end the longstanding drought and post another winning season in 2010?

The Bengals (10-7) dominated the AFC North this past season, going 6-0, and have solid leadership at key positions. Will they make the necessary upgrades in the draft and free agency to stay on top?

But the last time Cincinnati won the division and made an early postseason exit in 2005, it took four years to recover. Will the Bengals suffer from another extended playoff hangover?

Next year the AFC North should be ultra competitive as the Cleveland Browns finished last season strong, and the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are annual playoff contenders. Are the Bengals strong enough to hold these three teams off once again in 2010?

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