AFC North mailbag

We have a lot of questions in our AFC North inbox this week. So let's get to the bottom of issues from each team.

Ed Langlais from Cabot, Ark., wants to know if the Cincinnati Bengals will make a change at offensive coordinator.

James Walker: I don’t anticipate any changes with Bengals OC Bob Bratkowski, Ed. The feeling I’m getting from the organization is the offense was limited because of personnel, and the coaching staff did what it had to do (i.e. run the ball) to be successful. The Bengals didn’t have enough deep threats and the offensive line couldn’t pass protect for more than three seconds some weeks. What were they supposed to do? That’s the vibe I’m getting. If Cincinnati adds a speedy receiver and gets better protection, the Bengals feel their offense will be more balanced moving forward.

RJ from Virginia Beach, Va., wants to know if Pittsburgh Steelers tailback Isaac Redman is a good replacement for Willie Parker as the No. 2 running back.

Walker: I liked what I saw from Redman this past training camp and the preseason, but you have to keep those things in perspective. Pittsburgh has a lot of confidence in Mewelde Moore, and I think he’s the favorite right now to back up Rashard Mendenhall. The Steelers also could add another running back to the mix. But this is a big offseason for Redman in terms of making the 53-man roster next fall.

Cliff from Baltimore writes: How do you think the Baltimore Ravens should attack the Indianapolis Colts this weekend in Indy?

Walker: If Baltimore controls the pace by running the ball, it has a good chance to upset the Colts. The Ravens will try to prove they’re the tougher team, which is what they did against the New England Patriots. Baltimore will also take a few more deep shots this week when the opportunity is there, because I anticipate Indianapolis stacking the box. Play calling in this game is going to be huge on both sides.

Rick from East Yorkshire, U.K., writes: What has caused the Browns to change so dramatically this offseason?

Walker: Props to you, Rick, and the rest of our international readers of the AFC North blog. There are many reasons. But you can start with Browns owner Randy Lerner, who wants to win. He’s opened his checkbook plenty of times before, but it was for hires who were trying to learn on the job and making a lot of mistakes. Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert have done these jobs before and the experience makes a world of difference. I think the fans also had a heavy influence by impacting their bottom line. Browns fans have supported a bad product for a long time. But last year was the first time you really started to see that momentum shift the other way.