Can Heckert retool Cleveland's offense?

The Cleveland Browns could certainly use DeSean Jackson on their team.

What about tight end Brent Celek, or running back LeSean McCoy, or receiver Jason Avant?

These are all young players general manager Tom Heckert helped draft during his four-year tenure as general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Heckert jumped at the opportunity to work in a similar capacity with Browns president Mike Holmgren this year.

Heckert's history of finding good offensive players will be needed in Cleveland. The Browns were ranked last in the NFL offensively with 260.2 yards per game and have a lot of questions at quarterback, receiver, tight end, right guard and right tackle.

Perhaps the biggest credit to Heckert is that none of these aforementioned players were first-round picks. Jackson (2008) and McCoy (2009) were taken in the second round, while Avant (2006) was a fourth-round pick and Celek (2007) a fifth-rounder.

With Cleveland leaning towards a West Coast system that both Holmgren and Heckert strongly believe in, look for a major retooling of the offense. The Browns are hoping Heckert can work his draft magic once again in his first year with the team.