A.J. Green's summer plans: Going to Disney World

CINCINNATI -- Now that last year's hamstring injury is in the rearview mirror, A.J. Green can look ahead to his summer break.

First on the agenda: Going to Disney World.

With Cincinnati Bengals minicamp concluded, Green plans to spend a week at Disney World with his wife and their 9-month-old son, Easton Ace Green. But even during vacation, the work isn't going to stop.

"I’ll take a little time off, but I work out every day," Green said.

It's a sign of just how much things have changed for the 28-year-old Green. He once spent some of his offseason working out with other NFL stars, such as the now-retired Calvin Johnson.

"It’s easier that way," Green said. "I don’t have to wait on everybody and I can go on my own pace."

Now he spends his days in a never-ending quest to child-proof his house from his son, who is crawling everywhere.

"Oh my gosh, he’s huge, man, it’s crazy. He’s so tall now. He’s crawling up the steps. It’s crazy. He’s growing so fast," Green said. "I tried to baby-proof by putting gates up and plugs over the sockets, but he’s all over now. We can’t even turn our backs on him, because he’ll just be somewhere else, the laundry room or somewhere."

As he enters his seventh season, Green says he feels great, physically and mentally.

"This is probably the best shape I've been in, physically and mentally," he said. "I'm ready to go."

The hamstring issue that ended his 2016 season after 10 games no longer bothers him, but he and the Bengals take special care to make sure they don't strain it by overworking him.

Green appeared to take fewer reps than the other receivers during minicamp, which he said was probably part of a controlled effort to make sure the ball was spread around.

"They usually just take it easy on me during minicamp ... leading to [training camp]," he said.

Green also got his first-ever veteran's day off during OTAs, sitting out the Monday of a week during which the Bengals had four practices.

"I took that day off because I got worked on Sunday ... had my hamstring worked on, a little sore, so that’s why I took the day off, there was nothing wrong, my body was fine," he said.

But the competitive Green isn't ready to make that a habit.

"I don’t feel like I do enough to get it," he said. "I’m not banging [pads] all day, I just run. I could run all day."