New Year's daydreaming

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

  • I wonder if the Bengals' three-game winning streak means anything?

  • I wonder if Romeo Crennel staying in Cleveland is a good idea?

  • I wonder who'd win a third meeting between the Steelers and Ravens?

  • I wonder who runs the Wildcat better: Baltimore or Miami?

  • I wonder why Bengals' owner Mike Brown is allergic to the letters G-M?

  • I wonder if there's ever been a player carted off the field for a "mild" concussion?

  • I wonder how doctors determine any movement of the brain "mild" in the first place?

  • Despite all the Ravens' high-priced free agents, I wonder if they will keep Jim Leonhard?

  • I wonder what Braylon Edwards owes Michael Phelps for not scoring 16 touchdowns?

  • I wonder if Hines Ward is the toughest pound-for-pound player in the NFL?

  • I wonder if Marvin Lewis wants to get rid of Chad Ocho Cinco but can't?

  • I wonder what in the world happened to the Browns' offensive line?

  • I wonder if Pittsburgh's o-line will have three new starters next year?

  • I wonder if Cincinnati's defense is for real?

  • I wonder which team the Steelers would rather face next week?

  • I wonder who will win the division in 2009?

  • I wonder why my mind keeps wandering today?