Morning take: Browns and Tebow?

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert had nothing but great things to say about Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Morning take: This doesn't necessarily mean the Browns are interested. Everyone will say great things about Tebow's strengths publicly before the draft, while scrutinizing his weaknesses in private.

Morning take: Can "The Wizard of Oz" work his magic again this offseason? Quarterback Joe Flacco's development depends on it.

Morning take: Whaley knows the game very well and has "future GM" written all over him. This is a great move in that direction.

  • Here is more discussion of where Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer fits among his peers.

Morning take: It's going to be a long offseason for Palmer if this question continues to come up. That's the responsibility that comes with being a franchise quarterback.