AFC North mailbag: Ravens

Let's get to some questions on the Baltimore Ravens from our always booming AFC North inbox.

Curtiss Jarvis from Sunbury, Ohio, writes: What do you think the odds are that the Ravens will trade quarterback Troy Smith? What do you think his trade value will be?

James Walker: There is a better than 50 percent chance of a trade taking place, Curtiss. Both sides are open to it. Now the Ravens and Smith just need to find the right team willing to give up a suitable amount. The trade value question is always difficult, because it's really dependent on the teams and its need for Smith. A team with a major need at quarterback, such as the Buffalo Bills for instance, might be willing to give up a third-rounder. Another team may only be willing to trade a fourth- or fifth-round pick. So there is no firm way to answer that question.

Mo from Essex, Maryland, wants to know if the Ravens will go get Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

Walker: It would be an upset if Baltimore lands Marshall this offseason, especially if the Ravens give up a first- and third-round pick for him. General manager Ozzie Newsome doesn't believe in giving away high draft picks, so I don't see him pulling off that deal. If, for whatever reason, the Broncos were willing to lower their asking price, the Ravens would be more interested.

David Gerstman from Baltimore writes: Is there a limit to what Jim Zorn can do if the Ravens don't upgrade their pass-catchers?

Walker: Zorn should do a great job with quarterback Joe Flacco. But, yes, both would benefit from a stronger receiver corps. I do expect the Ravens to find an upgrade at receiver this offseason. The group currently is not good enough to win a championship.

Andy K from Burlington, N.C., is curious if Ravens safety Ed Reed will retire, skip camps, then un-retire to join the team?

Walker: Anything is possible, but I doubt that scenario plays out with Reed, Andy. Reed is very thoughtful and his decision, either way, likely will be final. Knowing Reed's personality, I think the last thing he wants to create is a Brett Favre-like situation in Baltimore.