NFL draft mailbag

Now that the season is officially over, we are getting a lot of interest this week in the NFL draft.

So let's get to some questions.

Justin from Pittsburgh asks "why is everyone so high on Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen?"

Walker: To my knowledge, thoughts on Clausen are all over the place, Justin. Some NFL scouts really like him, some don't. Without a strong quarterback class this year, Clausen could be a first-round pick. But right now I'm not particularly high on him in terms of being in the top 10. I could warm up to Clausen during this draft process, but we'll see. I just don't feel he's a sure thing, which is what you need in a first-round quarterback. Otherwise, an organization could suffer for years.

Jim Kara from Anaheim, Calif., writes: Do you have any idea who the Cleveland Browns will be drafting with this year's draft? Do you really think they will take someone like Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with any of their choices?

Walker: The Browns are in position to take the best available player, which makes predicting their draft tough this year. Reportedly, they are high on Florida cornerback Joe Haden, which makes sense. But before the combine and free agency, it's probably too early to predict at this point. I doubt Tebow is seriously on Cleveland's radar -- at least not high in the draft. General manager Tom Heckert recently had a lot of great things to say about Tebow, but every GM will do the same publicly leading up to the draft.

Sean McMann from Pittsburgh writes: Say both Dez Bryant and Mardy Gilyard both, for some miracle reason fall, in the draft to the Bengals. Who do you think they should go for in that situation?

Walker: Bryant with no hesitation. Gilyard should be available at No. 21. But right now I feel that is too high for him.

Dave from Cleveland writes: What do you think about the possibility of Colt McCoy dropping into the second round and the Browns possibly drafting him there?

Walker: It’s very possible McCoy could land in the second round, Dave. But McCoy is another quarterback I would be hesitant to draft too high. As you can tell, I'm pretty down on this year's QB class in general. Recent players like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez have raised the bar so high with their early success that teams will feel pressured to play these rookie quarterbacks right away. Of the group, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford is the only rookie I feel might be ready to step in next season. But he has some questions (shoulder injury) as well.