What are the Bengals thinking?

It is just a workout. So it is too early to make a full assessment of Adam Schefter's latest report on the Cincinnati Bengals.

JonesJonesJonesJonesBut Adam "Pacman" Jones?

The Adam "Pacman" Jones?

Considering the Bengals' history, this news isn't a complete shocker. Cincinnati is infamous for taking major character risks, especially if that player comes at a bargain-basement rate. "Pacman" fits both of those categories.

In fact, the Bengals have been snooping around the thrift stores a lot lately. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the team also has interest in embattled receivers Matt Jones and possibly Donte' Stallworth. Jones reportedly received a contract offer from Cincinnati.

Are the Bengals, the reigning AFC North champions, really this desperate?

There is a reason all three players were out of football last season. This trio carries more baggage than LaGuardia Airport during the holidays.

Sure, Cincinnati needs depth at receiver and cornerback. But who knows if these players can step in and immediately contribute in 2010? Stallworth, "Pacman" Jones and Matt Jones haven't played a down in the NFL since 2008.

I don't know what the Bengals are thinking with these three players. Signing Terrell Owens would be much safer -- and that's saying something.