Can Matt Jones run the Wildcat?

As the Cincinnati Bengals begin to get new receiver Matt Jones acclimated to their offense, it's possible that Jones also can add his own dimension to the team.

Jones Jones How about trying Jones in the Wildcat?

Jones was drafted in the first round by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2005 as a converted college quarterback from the University of Arkansas. He's a good athlete, although rust could be an issue after missing all of last season.

Can Jones still handle the football like a quarterback? Can he still throw downfield?

These are all questions Cincinnati's coaching staff will have to find out in the coming months.

But this much we know: The Bengals could use some added wrinkles offensively.

Cincinnati ran the football very well last season but became predictable and stale down the stretch, as the team lost four of its final five games. A potential Wildcat package involving Jones -- even if used in moderation -- could provide the Bengals' offense an interesting change of pace.