Tyler Boyd hopes to honor Chad Johnson with touchdown celebration

CINCINNATI -- It appears to be throwback month in the NFL, and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd is eager to join the party.

First, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas celebrated a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams by pulling out a flip phone he had hidden in the end zone. It was a nod to former Saints wideout Joe Horn, who first did the celebration in 2003. Then, Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard paid homage to former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens by intercepting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and running to the middle of the field to celebrate on the Cowboys' logo. Byard was pushed off the logo by a Cowboys player, much like when Owens did the celebration when he was with the San Francisco 49ers in 2000.

A question was posted on Twitter wondering who would honor former Bengals wideout Chad Johnson, who was known for his increasingly outlandish and creative celebrations. Boyd responded with the "OK" emoji, signaling he's up to the challenge if he scores against the Saints this week.

Boyd noticed both of the tributes and thought about what he could do this week.

"Guys throughout the NFL have been doing tributes to guys that were previously there, and I've been trying to do an Ocho dance before, when we started the season, because I just wanted a different celebration and to do a little fun stuff. Now, I feel like this is the right time to do it."

Boyd was coy when asked which of Johnson's celebrations he would do, although there's certainly plenty to choose from. Johnson performed CPR on a football, used the pylon to putt the ball, did a Riverdance and donned a mock Hall of Fame jacket, among other things.

"I watched a little bit of YouTube, I've seen all the dances, I just can't give y'all a specific dance yet. Y'all just gotta wait and see what I do first. Hopefully, I can get in there as many times as possible so I can get them all done in one game!"

Boyd said the Riverdance and the putting celebration were two of his favorites, and he remembers watching the putting celebration on TV.

"I would turn the TV on, hoping he did something spectacular so I could see what he would do, because he's got a great sense of humor. I just want to do something to show my respect."

But he'll definitely have to practice the dance a little bit beforehand, he said.

"Gonna work on it. I ain't going to go out there and do something and look dumb. So I'm definitely going to practice a little bit," Boyd said. "I ain't gotta watch it too long, just gotta see the footwork and how he did it. It's going to get done the same way."