A look back: No. 21 and No. 25 picks

The AFC North blog continues to look at the NFL draft.

The Cincinnati Bengals (No. 21) and Baltimore Ravens (No. 25) have the final two picks in the division in April. Here is a look at the recent history of those picks:

Recent No. 21 overall picks

2009: Alex Mack, C, Cleveland Browns

2008: Sam Baker, OT, Atlanta Falcons

2007: Reggie Nelson, S, Jacksonville Jaguars

2006: Laurence Maroney, RB, New England Patriots

2005: Matt Jones, WR, Jaguars

Analysis: This group isn't overwhelming, but you also have to consider this is fairly late in the first round. Likewise, the Bengals won't be looking for a Hall of Famer with this pick, just a good contributor. Mack and Baker have been productive offensive linemen and should have solid careers. Nelson and Maroney have been decent picks, albeit not spectacular. Jones' story is well documented. Personal issues held him back in Jacksonville, and he was out of football in 2009. Jones is trying to restart his career with the Bengals in 2010.

Recent No. 25 overall picks

2009: Vontae Davis, CB, Miami Dolphins

2008: Mike Jenkins, CB, Dallas Cowboys

2007: Jon Beason, LB, Carolina Panthers

2006: Santonio Holmes, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

2005: Jason Campbell, QB, Washington Redskins

Analysis: This is a tremendous group of players at the end of the first round, as all five players are contributors for their respective teams. Beason was a Pro Bowler for Carolina in 2008, and Holmes also was the Super Bowl MVP for Pittsburgh that same season. Both Jenkins and Davis are two good, up-and-coming cornerbacks. Campbell has had his share of ups and downs, but he is the starting quarterback for the Redskins as the No. 25 pick. The Ravens have a track record of getting quality players late in the first round, so it will be interesting to see who is available here this year.