Suggs says he's moved past Brady feud

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- In the same week that he tries to bury Tom Brady into the Gillette Stadium turf, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has apparently buried the hatchet with him as well.

Suggs said there's "no beef" with Brady after feuding with the Patriots quarterback since 2009.

"You grow and mature," Suggs said on Wednesday. "As you all can clearly see, I’m not the same guy that I was in ’09. I’m definitely 20 pounds lighter."

Back in 2009, Suggs and Brady verbally sparred on the field after the quarterback complained about not getting a flag following a hit from Suggs.

"I’m pretty much over it. I respect him," Suggs said. "Like I said before, when it’s all said and done, they are going to speak on three quarterbacks: Johnny [Unitas], Peyton [Manning] and him."

Suggs has previously taken shots at Brady dating a Hollywood actress and even referred to Brady's three Super Bowl championships as "questionable" because of the tuck rule and Spygate.

So, Suggs really showed he has matured when reporters brought up Brady's Uggs commercials and the linebacker didn't take the bait to bash him.

"I heard they are really comfortable," Suggs said. "I’ll take some. I’ll send him some Ball So Hard gear.”