AFC North Week 12 decisive moment

Perhaps there is lucky symmetry when the Pittsburgh Steelers go on the road against AFC East teams this season.

Just when you thought Pittsburgh couldn't get more fortunate than the late Ben Roethlisberger fumble that wasn't on the road against the Miami Dolphins, the Steelers caught an even bigger break this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

Receiver Steve Johnson, who torched the Cincinnati Bengals the week before, suddenly forgot how to catch the football in key moments against Pittsburgh. The biggest was Johnson's wide-open drop in the end zone that would have ended the game in overtime.

Instead, the Steelers were given an opening and closed out the game on kicker Shaun Suisham's 41-yard field goal to improve to 8-3. It was arguably Pittsburgh's ugliest win of the season.

Johnson says he will never be able to forget that play, but the Steelers already have. Pittsburgh is moving on to its biggest game of the year against the Baltimore Ravens (8-3), where the winner has the inside track on the AFC North title.