NFL Power Rankings: AFC North reaction

Only two teams moved from last week and both dropped a spot. Not another good week for the AFC North. Here's a recap of the Week 10 power rankings:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 7

My ranking: No. 7

2012 record: 6-2

Comment: Only one team lost in the top 6, and the Giants fell three spots to No. 5. It's hard to argue that the Ravens should rank above them. Baltimore hasn't had a decisive win since the season opener and struggled to win at Cleveland after a bye week.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 10

My ranking: No. 10

2012 record: 5-3

Comment: The Steelers should move up after winning at the Giants, who were the No. 2 team on the power rankings last week. But the Giants were the only team to lose in the top 10, so Pittsburgh remains at No. 10. Of the four 5-3 teams, the Steelers rank third, just behind the Broncos (who beat the Steelers) and Patriots and one spot ahead of the Colts. Pittsburgh's three-game win streak is tied for the longest in the AFC right now.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 23

My ranking: No. 26

2012 record: 3-5

Comment: The Bengals have fallen 11 spots during their four-game losing streak. But Cincinnati only dropped down one after losing to the Broncos. Of the seven 3-5 teams in the league, the Bengals rank fourth behind Dallas, Philadelphia and New Orleans. I had the Bengals at No. 26, which was the lowest any voter had them.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 30

My ranking: No. 30

2012 record: 2-7

Comment: Last week was the first time this year that the Browns weren't ranked in the 30s. That didn't last long. With the Panthers winning at Washington, the Browns were back to No. 30 (third-worst in the league) after losing to Baltimore. There are only four teams with two wins or fewer.

Here are my rankings:

1. Falcons

2. Texans

3. 49ers

4. Bears

5. Packers

6. Giants

7. Ravens

8. Patriots

9. Broncos

10. Steelers

11. Colts

12. Buccaneers

13. Seahawks

14. Lions

15. Dolphins

16. Vikings

17. Cardinals

18. Chargers

19. Redskins

20. Eagles

21. Cowboys

22. Rams

23. Jets

24. Saints

25. Titans

26. Bengals

27. Raiders

28. Bills

29. Panthers

30. Browns

31. Jaguars

32. Chiefs