NFL Power Rankings: AFC North outlook

The Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers dropped a combined seven spots this week. The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, climbed four spots. How many thought they would see that in December? Here's a recap of the Week 15 power rankings:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 8

My ranking: No. 8

2012 record: 9-4

Comment: The Ravens deservedly dropped two spots after failing to stop another backup quarterback's late-game heroics. It was an easy call to move the Giants and Packers over the Ravens. You can make an argument that Baltimore should be behind Indianapolis, which has won seven of its past eight games.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 14

My ranking: No. 15

2012 record: 7-6

Comment: The Bengals slid three spots down after watching their four-game winning streak end. There's two 7-6 teams ahead of the Bengals in the power rankings: the Redskins (whom the Bengals beat) and the Cowboys (who just won in Cincinnati).


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 15

My ranking: No. 14

2012 record: 7-6

Comment: It's hard to find the right spot for the the Steelers, who has beaten two top-10 teams and have lost to two teams in the bottom four. The Steelers should feel lucky only dropping two spots after losing at home to the floundering Chargers. Of the five 7-6 teams, the only one behind Pittsburgh is the Vikings.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 20

My ranking: No. 20

2012 record: 5-8

Comment: The Browns are starting to win over the voters in the power rankings. Cleveland has climbed 10 spots during its three-game winning streak. The Browns' four-spot improvement this week is the biggest jump on the rankings.

Here are my rankings:

1. Patriots

2. Broncos

3. Texans

4. 49ers

5. Falcons

6. Packers

7. Giants

8. Ravens

9. Colts

10. Bears

11. Seahawks

12. Redskins

13. Cowboys

14. Steelers

15. Bengals

16. Rams

17. Vikings

18. Jets

19. Buccaneers

20. Browns

21. Chargers

22. Saints

23. Panthers

24. Bills

25. Dolphins

26. Lions

27. Eagles

28. Titans

29. Cardinals

30. Raiders

31. Chiefs

32. Jaguars