Morning take: Stover in the Super Bowl

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC North:

  • Former Baltimore Ravens kicker Matt Stover will play in another Super Bowl--this time as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

Morning take: Considering the history, I know there is some natural animosity in Baltimore toward the Colts. But Stover should give Ravens fans a reason to cheer on Sunday.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison sealed a 41-34 win for the AFC with a fourth-quarter interception in the Pro Bowl.

Morning take: A Pittsburgh defender closes out a game in the fourth quarter? Go figure.

  • Gil Haskell, a longtime friend and former assistant under Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren, is expected to join the team as a possible adviser.

Morning take: First Keith Gilbertson, now Haskell. Am I the only person who finds it curious that Holmgren is stockpiling his old coaching staff?

Morning take: I doubt you will guess this one. So go ahead and click the link.