Oher: Wallace is NFL's fastest player





Earlier Thursday, we ran a story in the AFC North blog on the strong friendship between Baltimore Ravens right tackle Michael Oher and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Mike Wallace, who were college teammates at Mississippi.

One angle that didn't make the cut was an interesting statement from Oher on Wallace's speed.

"He's one of my good buddies, and I definitely think he's the fastest guy in the NFL, as well," Oher said.

Wallace is definitely a blazer, as evident by his average of 17.9 yards per catch this season. There's also been talk in Pittsburgh of whether he's faster than tailback Willie Parker and cornerback Ike Taylor, who are considered the two Steelers with the most speed.

There are about a dozen other players to take into account. Tennessee Titans tailback Chris Johnson and receiver Ted Ginn Jr. of the Miami Dolphins are two that come to mind. Both recently engaged in trash talk on the subject.

At one time the NFL settled this dispute by having the league's fastest players race after the season. I'm in favor of the league organizing races once again.