Former Bengals fan joins Steeler Nation

Earlier this year Brett Kostoff, a Cincinnati native and longtime Bengals fan, contacted the AFC North blog and said he was so fed up with the team's losing that he is auctioning off his fandom on eBay.

This week we caught up with Kostoff to get an update on which team he's supporting this season and how that transition is going. Here was his response:

"As far as the auction went, it sold for $510 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I couldn't be happier, honestly. I know that might sound crazy coming from a former Bengals fan, but it's like going from the basement to the penthouse as far as football operations. I never disliked Pittsburgh like the rest of the city of Cincinnati. I always RESPECTED it. I've been 100 percent following everything Steelers since the auction ended, including watching the interviews and reading up on Cam Heyward, Marcus Gilbert and hoping that if Ike Taylor doesn't re-sign (hopefully he does) that Cortez Allen or Curtis Brown can step up! I'm not like the other die-hards that will write you and say how they should sign Nnamdi Asomugha. That will never happen in Pittsburgh. When is the last time they dropped that kind of money on a free agent? After reading your blog [Monday] about Mike Brown not trading Carson Palmer it only makes me that much happier about my decision! Everyone in this city will still bash Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, T.O., Corey Dillon and myself and call us quitters. But as Einstein once said "Insanity -- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I think we all might be just ahead of the game. I've never been more excited about a season. Hopefully we actually have a season. I thought it would take me longer to make the transition than it did, but I actually dislike the Bengals as a whole and it may just be the 20 years of torment as a fan they put me through. Haha. Thanks for checking in."

Wow. Kostoff is very serious about his new fandom and happy to be a card-carrying member of Steeler Nation. He also sent the AFC North blog the picture of his new Steelers merchandise that you see above and provided a list of items he purchased with the auction money.

Here was Kostoff's complete list:

  • One signed 16x20 autograph picture of Troy Polamalu

  • One white-stitched NFL official Polamalu jersey

  • Two Terrible Towels

  • Two hooded sweatshirts (one of the black NFL equipment)

  • One black NFL equipment hat

  • One glass license plate with a Steelers logo

  • One black mini helmet in a Steelers display case

  • One yellow mini helmet in a Steelers display case

Was Kostoff wise to leave "Bengaldom" and switch allegiances to the Steelers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.