Thought of the Day

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

We have some of the brightest and well-informed NFL fans here in the AFC North. That is why our "Thought of the Day" blogs have been so insightful.

Our latest topic also is very interesting:

  • Galva writes: Being a lifelong Browns fan I see a generation of fans that remember the glory days of the Old Browns. The younger generation however sees the Browns as longtime losers not Champions and have never seen them as consistent winners. How close do you think the current Browns are to losing their fan base?

That is a great thought and a deep question, Galva.

Some say the Browns will always be deep-rooted into the sports fabric of Cleveland. Yet others believe the decline is already in progress as renewed luxury box and season-ticket sales have declined, while the Cavaliers and LeBron James are gradually taking a larger and larger chunk of the Cleveland sports market.

So this week we're polling Browns fans of all generations. Will Cleveland's fan base always pour the most time, money and energy into their football team no matter what? Or has mostly a decade of losing and follies hurt the support of current and future generations of Browns fans?

Feel free to voice your opinion below and send your thoughts to our AFC North inbox. We will post the best comments throughout the week.