Five words or less recap: Cam Newton

Could quarterback Cam Newton be the heir apparent to Carson Palmer in Cincinnati? ESPN.com Illustration

We threw a curveball earlier this week in the AFC North blog. In five words or less, we asked for your thoughts on this interesting photo of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, considering all that's happened recently with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Here are a healthy sample of responses from our AFC North community:

  • "Newton's First Law: Hold out."

  • "Better than Carolina, I guess."

  • "I'm already their best player!"

  • "Making Joe Flacco look elite."

  • "JaMarcus Leaf in Cincy."

  • "Man, Andrew Luck was smart."

  • "Rather play for the Reds."

  • "No indoor practice facility, really?"

  • "Kimo Von Oelhoffen Part II?"

  • "Akili Smith two point zero."

  • "Another reason to abandon Bengals."

  • "Ensures more Steelers division titles."

  • "Cam to Troy for 6."

  • "No Louisiana-Monroes in AFCN."

  • "Bigger bust than Andre Smith."

  • "Just glad it's not LeFevour."

  • "Reed and Polamalu interceptions skyrocket."

  • "Mike Brown makes me cry."

  • "Groundhog's Day: AkiliKlingerBlake!"

  • "Trade for Kevin Kolb instead."

  • "Bengals draft me, I'm retiring."

  • "Steelers fans say do it!"

  • "Reed and Polamalu start giggling."

  • "Just threw up a little."

  • "The Cam-Ocho show?"

  • "A whole lot of upside!"

  • "Please go easy James Harrison!"

  • "Carson, take me with you!!!!"

  • "Two wins, 14 losses."

  • "Good luck Dick LeBeau."