Ravens-Falcons halftime notes

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Falcons lead the Baltimore Ravens, 10-0, at halftime.

Here are some notes at intermission:

  • Perhaps after watching film of Baltimore's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Falcons went primarily with a no-huddle offense in the first half with good results. Atlanta had most of its success in the second quarter, scoring all 10 points. Atlanta running back Jason Snelling caught a 28-yard touchdown on a defensive mix up by Baltimore. The Bengals handed the Ravens one of their two losses this season by using a no-huddle offense with some success.

  • The Ravens are losing a lopsided battle on third down. Offensively, they converted on just 1 of 4 third downs in the first half and their pass protection didn't give Joe Flacco much time. On defense, Atlanta is 8 of 12 on third down and that's been the difference in controlling the pace of the game.

  • The Ravens are doing a lot of rotating at cornerback. Josh Wilson started in place of Fabian Washington, but Washington eventually replaced starter Lardarius Webb late in the first quarter. Carr and Wilson then started a defensive stand in the second quarter. All four played in the first half. I’m not sure if the rotating cornerbacks are by design or if the Ravens are trying to get a feel for the best combination of players.

  • Overall it wasn't a good first half for Webb. He got beat by Falcons receiver Roddy White on several plays and also fumbled a punt return in the second quarter, which led to a field goal by Atlanta.