More AFC North fights we'd like to see

The AFC North blog continues its series of offseason grudge matches we'd like to see during the NFL lockout.


Bout No. 1: Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco vs. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis

OchocincoOchocincoLewisLewisAnalysis: Before the fight, Lewis calls Ochocinco "mopey," which gets under the skin of the receiver. Ochocinco fights back by calling Lewis a bull and says he's going to ride and tame him for 10 rounds. Instead, Ochocinco enters the ring and Lewis knocks him out quickly in 1.5 seconds, setting a new record. When Ochocinco regains consciousness, he immediately hops up and jumps over the ring ropes before Marvin "The Bull" Lewis can get his hands on him and dish out more punishment. After the fight, Ochocinco says his performance was "embarrassing."

AFC North blog pick: Lewis KO in 1.5 seconds of Round 1

Bout No. 2: Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome vs. Bears GM Jerry Angelo

Analysis: Before the fight, Newsome and Angelo agree on a 50-50 split in compensation. But in a bush-league move, Angelo "forgets" to call the boxing commission, ensuring he gets more of the purse. Highly upset, Newsome agrees to the fight anyway to prove a point and enters the ring with his angry trainer, Steve Bisciotti. Newsome uses his Hall of Fame hands to pick apart Angelo in four rounds. After the fight, Newsome and Bisciotti both say they will not do business with Angelo's camp anytime soon.

AFC North blog pick: Newsome KO in Round 4

Bout No. 3: Browns quarterback Colt McCoy vs. Ravens safety Ed Reed

McCoyMcCoyReedReedAnalysis: In an effort to improve his skills, the younger McCoy wants to move his training camp to the West Coast but is locked out of the facility. Therefore, "Camp Colt" takes place mostly in parking lots and second-rate gyms. McCoy tries his best, but isn't properly trained to face a future Hall of Famer like Reed, who thoroughly outclasses McCoy for 10 rounds. Reed is on top of his game and easily intercepts McCoy's punches while picking the quarterback apart. At one point, Reed is so hot that his chair catches fire underneath him between rounds. That is the only bad thing to happen to Reed during the fight.

AFC North blog pick: Reed by unanimous decision

Bout No. 4 for middleweight title: Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall vs. Champion Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski

MendenhallMendenhallZbikowskiZbikowskiAnalysis: Mendenhall sends out several controversial tweets before the fight, immediately losing his endorsement money. Mendenhall tries to write an apology, but it's too late. The crowd is vehemently against the running back. Zbikowski is a huge fan favorite and has looked unbeatable lately. Mendenhall lasts in the ring longer than most but is obviously distracted by his recent trials. Zbikowski gets another knockout, but this time it comes in the second round.

AFC North blog pick: Zbikowski KO in Round 2

Bout No. 5 and main event for heavyweight title: Browns running back Peyton Hillis vs. Champion Steelers linebacker James Harrison

HillisHillisHarrisonHarrisonAnalysis: This is expected to be a great fight between two top heavyweights. Hillis exploded on the scene last year but suddenly has a string of bad luck after getting on the cover of "Madden NFL 12." Now Hillis can't stay healthy. He suffers thigh and rib injuries in training but wants to fight Harrison for the belt anyway. On his way to the ring, Hillis slips on a banana peel and sprains his ankle. While trying to get in the ring, Hillis also pulls his hamstring. Harrison shows no mercy and punishes a banged-up Hillis for three rounds before the running back's corner throws in the towel.

AFC North blog pick: Harrison by TKO in Round 3