Take your pick: Mason vs. Johnson

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

During their verbal jousting this week, Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason provided an open challenge to new adversary and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson. Mason


“If he wants to hash this out man to man or talk about it, you want to stack up numbers man to man and talk about it, we can do that,” Mason said. “Remember, Keyshawn, you were a No. 1 pick in the draft and I was a fourth-rounder, and our numbers still pretty much stack up, OK? But let’s go.”

So in this week’s version of “Take your pick” in the AFC North, we open the forum to Mason’s challenge.

Which NFL receiver was better: Derrick Mason or Keyshawn Johnson?

Keep in mind Mason, 35, is still playing while Johnson, 37, is retired. Therefore, the situation is somewhat fluid.

But here are the career numbers as they currently stand:

Right now the numbers are nearly identical. So throughout their solid careers, which receiver would you have wanted on your team?

Take your pick.