Remember last year?

Austin from Charleston, SC, writes: Hey JW, can you run one of those pieces soon where you show the trash talk from last preseason that just makes the fans look silly?

Our community seems to enjoy these posts. It's our way of keeping everyone accountable for their statements in the AFC North blog.

Upon Austin's request, here's another batch of classics from a year ago:

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • "I will just say that I fully expect the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers to be the greatest Steelers team in their illustrious existence. This year the Steelers will be blowing teams out with defense, with offense, with special teams and with grit and determination and the will to win again. Brady and the Pats are going to be playing second fiddle to Roethlisberger and the Steelers."

  • "Steelers have a real good shot at 14-2 this year."

  • "The Steelers can't ask for an easier schedule."

  • "The best thing that Mike Tomlin does for the Steelers is make sure that the team understands there are no easy games in football."

  • "I CAN SMELL TITLE No. 7."

Cincinnati Bengals

  • "The Bungals may just be talented enough to make a play this year!"

  • "Not only will the Bengals not make the playoffs, but every team that drafts [Chad Ochocinco] for their fantasy team will not make the playoffs, either."

  • "The Bengals have a new motto for this season: Fight back! LOL, I’m sorry, that sounds lame."

  • "Yeah it is pretty lame, but it beats last year’s "Roll over and play dead!"

  • "It would be nice to think that the Bengals can turn it around this year. However, they remain a couple of players away from being a couple of players away."

Baltimore Ravens

  • "Peyton Manning will do no such thing. He doesn’t have Marvin Harrison anymore, and secondly we have the fastest--yes the fastest--secondary in the league. I don't see hardly any team throwing bombs on us like they used to."

  • "As I have been saying all along, what a blunder of a move Ozzie made by drafting Michael Oher. Had Ozzie passed on Oher, he could have had both an impact WR and a starting OL."

  • "Ravens will win AT LEAST 12 games. RAVENS WILL...WILL...win the division this year. Anyone remember how many close games the Stealers should've lost?"

  • "L.J. Smith is huge for the Ravens; especially against the Steelers."

Cleveland Browns

  • "The Browns needn't worry about their fan base sticking with the team. At some point the Browns will put together a rebuilding effort that works. It may already be happening before our eyes."

  • "The Browns are rebuilding the right way. They're laying down the foundation of the football team."

  • "A number of Cleveland fans are confused, nervous, or dispassionate about Mangini and Kokinis' first draft, but I totally understand it."

  • "A year of Brady Quinn as starter should be an improvement."

  • "I would take 1. Derek Anderson 2. Joe Flacco 3. Carson Palmer 4. Ben Roethlisberger."