Holmgren: Mangini should smile more


lastnameManginiINDIANAPOLIS -- Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren will hold his official combine news conference Friday afternoon. But several reporters (including this AFC North blogger) caught up with Holmgren for several minutes in the hallway of Lucas Oil Stadium.

The brief interview session was fairly light-hearted. But Holmgren did admit he's spent a lot of time discussing "philosophy" with Browns coach Eric Mangini. Holmgren retained the coach for his second season.

Holmgren also said he wants his coach to lighten up a little, and it starts by not frowning so much, which Mangini has been known to do.

"I can't emphasize it enough, smile," Holmgren said of Mangini, sparking laughter from the group. "He's a good coach... He's doing great. I saw him on the plane yesterday and he was smiling like crazy."