Will Suggs have 'malice in his heart'?

Sunday's wild-card game will feature a reunion, and it's not just the Colts coming back to Baltimore. The referee for the game is Mike Carey, who has a history with Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Seven years ago, in a game when the Ravens committed a team-record 21 penalties, Carey had an on-field altercation with Suggs that led to the linebacker's ejection. In a game at Detroit, Suggs was penalized for roughing Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. Suggs quickly jumped in the face of Carey to argue. Carey contends Suggs bumped his face mask against the bill of his cap, and Suggs believes there was no contact.

Suggs was ejected from the game and was later fined $15,000 for making impermissible contact with an official. After the game, Carey told a pool reporter that Suggs "bumped me with malice in his heart and he was gone. He said a number of things to me."

Carey has since officiated games involving Suggs and the Ravens. But it's hard to forget an incident like this one, especially when Carey and Suggs are on the same field.