Morning take: Colt McCoy and Brett Favre?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy spent a couple days this offseason with future Hall of Famer Brett Favre to learn the West Coast offense.

Morning take: This was a wise move by McCoy. He couldn't learn the offense from coaches during the lockout, so McCoy sought help from someone who played under Browns president Mike Holmgren.

  • Cincinnati Bengals assistant coach Mike Zimmer stands up for his defense following their 34-3 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions.

Morning take: Usually, a coach doesn't need to stand up for their group in the preseason. But there's so much early concern in Cincinnati that Zimmer felt it was necessary.

  • Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta is hoping to fill the void Todd Heap left behind.

Morning take: Pitta's playing style looks fairly similar to a young Heap. Tight end is important in Baltimore's offense. Therefore, Pitta and Ed Dickson will get opportunities to make plays.

Morning take: This should be the focus. The Steelers do not have many position battles or much to prove in the preseason. These next few weeks should be all about preparing for their biggest rival.