Pryor's debut may be against Browns

After leaving Ohio State amid controversy for accepting illegal benefits, new Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor could face another Ohio team in his NFL debut. If Pryor's five-game suspension stands, his first game will be Oct. 16 against the Cleveland Browns.

Fortunately for Pryor, the game is in Oakland. Many Browns fans are Ohio State fans. Therefore, Pryor is one of the most unpopular athletes in Cleveland this year.

Pryor's camp has gone back and forth about whether to appeal the suspension. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made a controversial ruling to punish Pryor for transgressions he made at Ohio State before entering the league. If Pryor challenges, the suspension could be lifted or reduced.

But Pryor's first game will be against Cleveland if the suspension sticks. It's a little twist of irony for Pryor, who is trying to move forward with his football career.