AFC North links: Impact of proposed rules

Baltimore Ravens

Former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner says he thinks Marc Bulger would be a good fit in Arizona.

Cincinnati Bengals

Peter Vermes, the coach of the Kansas City MLS franchise, on the likelihood of Chad Ochocinco landing a roster spot after his tryout: "I'm going to be totally honest with you, it's a long shot from a soccer perspective, but we have brought in guys with lesser physical tools than this guy. This guy is the man, from that perspective, and we'll see the rest."

If LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson is still available at No. 4, the Bengals may be hard-pressed to pass him up.

Cleveland Browns

Proposed rules changes on kickoffs could have a drastic impact on what has been a strength for the Browns.

Are the Browns really interested in trying to draft Cam Newton?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Proposed rules aimed at further protecting quarterbacks may have an adverse effect on how Ben Roethlisberger plays.

Despite the ongoing lockout, the Steelers are still requiring full payment from season-ticket holders by May 2.