Browns GM: I won't be pressured into a Marcus Mariota trade

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer told ESPN hours before the draft that he won’t be pressured into addressing quarterback or any other position, and won’t be forced into a trade unless he's comfortable.

Farmer said there's plenty of 'smoke' and 'fodder' out there and to not believe it, but is non-committal when asked what to believe.

Farmer’s staff has been on the phone with opposing teams and is expected to remain active before the draft starts.

The Browns are not comfortable with giving up three first-round picks for Marcus Mariota or any other player, according to a source. Tennessee, which holds the No. 2 overall pick, could require at least three first-round picks to make a trade happen.

The Browns hold the Nos. 12 and 19 overall picks, which colleague Pat McManamon reports the Browns have offered to Tennessee. A third first-round pick would be considered a sticking point.

Without the perfect trade offer, the Browns would be comfortable staying at 12 and 19 knowing they can get two impact players, possibly shoring up offensive and defensive line help.

Getting Sam Bradford would be cheaper than Mariota. The Browns can dangle one of the first-round picks to Chip Kelly in hopes that he'll sell out for Mariota. But reports have persisted that Bradford wouldn't sign an extension in Cleveland. He can put up bigger numbers in Philadelphia's system, ensuring a larger contract extension. In the next four hours, the Browns' quarterback picture will become clear -- whether the Johnny Manziel/Josh McCown setup gets a complete makeover.