Too early for Bengals, Andrew Luck chatter

Cincinnati Bengals fans are getting nervous after getting trounced 61-10 in the first two preseason games.

Chris from Sandusky, Ohio, writes: James, if the Bengals are as bad as advertised -- and as they look so far -- would they have to take [Stanford quarterback] Andrew Luck with the first pick, or are they going to give Andy Dalton the benefit of the doubt?

James Walker: Chris, I understand the downtrodden mentality of Bengals fans. I've seen it for years in the AFC North blog. But I think Luck's name is starting to come up too much, too soon with Bengals fans. Dalton needs time to show what he can do. Two preseason games is not enough. He may not look good in August, but Dalton will probably be better in November and December. The Luck sweepstakes will go to the team with the No. 1 overall pick. The Bengals will likely struggle this season. But there is no guarantee they will finish as the worst team in the NFL. My advice for Bengals fans is to watch the young players develop this year, including Dalton, and don't worry about Luck. There is plenty of time to cross that bridge, if necessary, in 2012.