ESPN analysts on Ray Lewis' retirement

Here are selected comments from ESPN analysts on Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of the year:

Trent Dilfer, who won a Super Bowl with Lewis: "He was the best defensive player on the field every game he played in. Off the field he was the best. He had this unique ability to resonate with every single person in the locker room. And that's hard to do. In the NFL, unfortunately, sometimes the guy who is most productive has the loudest voice and that messaging is wrong. Well, that's not the case with Ray. He is the most productive player but his messaging within the locker room is always right. There's an intensity to him. That intensity is authentic. It's genuine and it's always directed at making the football organization better. ... When I say he's the best, really in my experience in the National Football League, I've never seen a person better than him at those three layers: preparation, leadership and play."

Mark Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl champion: "I know he has lost a step. I know he's not the player that he once was. I still look at him as a great player and emotional leader, and all the different things that he brings to an organization. ... There's just something about Ray Lewis. You expect Sundays to see 52 out there - pregame, getting everybody going. Then during the course of the game just flying around making plays. I was actually shocked to hear this announcement."

Jason Taylor, a former NFL defensive player of the year: "It's always shocking when a great player leaves the game. Unfortunately, it happens to everybody. We understand that. It is a tough emotional time. The timing of it is interesting. He will provide an emotional boost for the team. He's not completely healthy, but he is still Ray Lewis. He is still going to bring energy. He's still going to bring leadership. He's going to bring passion. That place will be electric on Sunday."

Tom Jackson, former NFL linebacker: "One of the top five guys, maybe, to play the position. ... When you look at his career, what he was able to accomplish over the years, the longevity, the excellence, you start doing a shell game with those top five guys to play the game, Ray Lewis is somewhere in there. ... As a player, his skill set was outstanding, but emotionally, in terms of inspiring guys around him to be a better player in your own right, I think there is no one who has ever been better at that than Ray Lewis."