McKinnie agrees to lower weight this year

Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie signed his two-year, $7 million contract Wednesday and attended a voluntary conditioning workout. It's all part of a deal that led to his return to the Super Bowl champions.

McKinnie agreed to play at a lighter weight, even lower than last year's playing weight of 352 pounds.

"The older you get, the more they want you to lose, but the harder it is. But I’m going to just do it," McKinnie told the Ravens' official website. "I have a gameplan this year, and I have people in place that will help me. I’m really dedicated to do it, because I really want to do it for myself and I just really want to play at that weight and play at a high level."

McKinnie added, “That’s been my goal for the last few seasons of my career, just to play at a real high level and dominate. If that’s what I got to do to play at that weight to do it, then that’s what I’m going to do."

At 6-feet-8, McKinnie is the tallest of the 32 projected starting left tackles in the NFL. At 352 pounds, he's also the heaviest. In fact, it's nine pounds more than the listed weight of any other starting left tackle. Hall of Fame left tackle Jonathan Ogden, who played for the Ravens from 1996 to 2007, was 6-9 and played at 340 pounds.

McKinnie is the minority these days when it comes to his weight class. There are only six starting left tackles who are 325 pounds or more, including just three who are over 340 pounds. The average current weight for left tackles is 320.4 pounds. And most of these tackles are tall like McKinnie. Only four are shorter than 6-5.

Here are the five heaviest left tackles:

McKinnie, Ravens, 352 pounds

Cordy Glenn, Bills, 343 pounds

Jason Peters, Eagles, 340 pounds

Andrew Whitworth, Bengals, 335 pounds

King Dunlap, Chargers, 330 pounds

Here are the five lightest left tackles:

Charles Brown, Saints, 292 pounds

Jordan Gross, Panthers, 305 pounds

Anthony Castonzo, Colts, 305 pounds

Donald Penn, Buccaneers, 305 pounds

Tyron Smith, Cowboys, 308 pounds

Ryan Kalil, Vikings, 308 pounds