Ravens remain one of NFL's worst-dressed teams in ESPN's uniform rankings

The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the winningest NFL franchises over the last decade, but they apparently don't look very good while doing it.

According to ESPN's Uni Watch rankings, the Ravens remain one of the worst-dressed teams in the NFL, coming in at No. 23 out of 32 teams.

This is traditionally where the Ravens land in theses uniform rankings, whether it's ESPN or another media outlet. Criticism generally ranges from the purple-black combination, the number design and the bird head logo on the helmet (which is still a step up from the "Flying B" logo in the team's early days).

The Ravens improved one spot from last year's ESPN rankings, but you get the feeling that was simply the result of poor decisions by Washington (continued use of the Redskins logo) and Tampa Bay (awful redesign).

Here is what Paul Lukas of Uni Watch had to say about the Ravens' game-day look:

"OK, we get it -- ravens are black, so this is the rare team whose use of black doesn't feel gratuitous. But that doesn't mean they couldn't scale it back a little. The black pants could use some stripes, and they'd be better if they were paired with non-black socks (which the team used to have, once upon a time) to avoid the leotard effect. On the plus side, here's a detail worth noting: The gold trim on the numbers is a really nice accent."

From my perspective, the Ravens' different uniform combinations vary greatly. The best looks are the purple jersey with white pants (the traditional home combination) and the white jersey with black pants (which should be the team's go-to away look). The worst combination is the purple jersey with black pants, which conjures up the bad memories of Vinny Testaverde and the bad Ravens teams in 1996 and 1997.

If Ravens are ticked off about this ranking, it only gets worse. The Pittsburgh Steelers are considered to have the best uniform and the Indianapolis Colts (aka, the uniform that got away) are No. 9.