Blogger's perspective: Justin Houston

The AFC North blog continues its series on potential draft prospects for the division by taking a look at Georgia outside linebacker Justin Houston, who recorded 56 tackles, 10 sacks and one interception in 2010. He's a potential target for the Baltimore Ravens.

SEC blogger Chris Low covered Houston during his three years with the Bulldogs and offered a full scouting report.

Chris, break down Houston's strengths and weaknesses at linebacker.

Chris Low: He's a pass rusher; that's what he does. He's not a guy Georgia asked to drop in coverage much, and when he did he wasn't real comfortable at it. He's not a run-stopper out there. It's not that he's bad or will get run over. He's just not real good there. Justin is a guy that you say "Go get the quarterback," and that's basically what Georgia did with him in that 3-4. He was really, really good at that. He's 270 [pounds] and really explosive.

The Ravens run a mix of 3-4 and 4-3 defenses. Is Houston versatile enough to switch back and forth?

Low: Houston played defensive end in a 4-3 before Georgia went to a 3-4 the past two years. So he has played some defensive end. But I think in a 3-4, he's your prototypical pass-rushing outside linebacker. I don't think that he can play linebacker in a 4-3. He would have a tougher time as a 4-3 linebacker. Now, as a defensive end, he is 270. So I don't know how big NFL teams like defensive ends to be. But he is 268-270. But he needs to get in the right scheme in a 3-4 to rush the passer. He had a bunch of sacks the last two years at Georgia. He had 17 sacks the past two seasons.