Morning take: Tom Heckert's WRs

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC North:

Morning take: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and Reggie Brown were Heckert's picks at receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles. All turned out to be productive in the NFL. Heckert will need to work his magic again to improve Cleveland's struggling group of receivers.

Morning take: Stapleton was a former starter for Pittsburgh's 2008 Super Bowl team, but knee problems cut his career short at the young age of 25. Fans often forget the average career span in the NFL is only about four seasons.

Morning take: Mallett likely will be in strong consideration for the Bengals if they look to take a quarterback in the second round. There are mobility and reported character concerns, but Mallett has an NFL arm.

Morning take: With the possible losses of Willis McGahee and Le'Ron McClain this offseason, the Ravens could be looking to draft a running back to put behind starter Ray Rice. Williams is a bigger, 211-pound tailback who could complement the smaller Rice.