Steelers jersey irks some ex-Ravens

Tom Zbikowski, the former Ravens safety, couldn't believe what he saw at his first Colts training camp. Someone in the stands was wearing a Steelers jersey.

Zbikowski pointed out the fan to Colts first-year head coach Chuck Pagano, and the former Ravens defensive coordinator worked a deal to get Zach Simmons to change into an Andrew Luck jersey.

“It took some prying, it wasn’t easy,” Pagano said, via the Indianapolis Star.

Simmons, who has a tattoo on his right shoulder and had a Terrible Towel in hand, wanted to catch the eye of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who had the same job with the Steelers, and former Steelers running back Mewelde Moore.

"For an ex-Raven, I was surprised, he was a real nice guy,” the fan said of Pagano.

It's nice to see that the Ravens-Steelers rivalry doesn't go away even when you leave one of those teams. Remember in March when former Ravens linebacker Jarret Johnson said he couldn't go to the Steelers in free agency because "I would've had to throw up on my jersey every time we played."

As far as Pagano, it took some moxie to approach a fan, especially one wearing a James Harrison jersey. But the fan was lucky that he wore his jersey to watch the Colts and not the Jets. My guess is Rex Ryan, another former Ravens defensive coordinator, would have used a few expletives in his chat with him.