Transcript: Chuck Pagano's 'broken record' update on Andrew Luck

Luck's injury may turn into good fortune for Colts (1:55)

Max Kellerman sees QB Andrew Luck's shoulder injury as an opportunity for Indianapolis to shore up its defense in time to make a run for the AFC South. (1:55)

INDIANAPOLIS -- It’s turned into a daily routine every time Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano addresses the media during the week at the team’s practice facility.

What’s the latest with quarterback Andrew Luck?

It’s been more than eight months since Luck had his right shoulder surgery and everybody, including the Colts, is waiting for the quarterback to return to the practice field because that will be the next step in him playing in his first game since Week 17 of last season.

Here’s the exchange between Pagano and the media on Wednesday.

Reporter: Is Andrew Luck practicing today or this week?

Pagano: No.

Pagano then answered several other questions before the subject was shifted back to his franchise quarterback.

Reporter: Is Andrew Luck getting there (health wise)?

Pagano: Yeah... Yeah.

Reporter: The whole world is dying to know what's going on. Do you guys know more than what you're saying?

Pagano: You know as much as we know as God as my witness.

Reporter: Really?

Pagano: When he trots out there (for practice), as God as my witness.

Reporter: How much is this up to Andrew to decide, OK I'm ready to go?

Pagano: Again we listen to our doctors and trainers. I'm sorry to sound like a broken record but that's what we do. When they say he's ready. He's pushing and they're pushing him.

Reporter: Does he seem anxious to play?

Pagano: What do you think?

Reporter: I don't know. I haven't talked to him. I'd like to ask him.

Pagano: Do you think he's a competitor?

Reporter: I do.

Pagano: OK, then that would answer your question.