Clarifying: Colts, Lilja and bonus money

I saw three things Tuesday:

  • A report that the Colts had cut Ryan Lilja.

  • The fact that he was due bonus money between $1.7 and $1.8 million.

  • The fact that he was the third veteran let go who had money due as he got cut.

Historically, if you add up three facts like that, the team avoiding the bonus is a significant part of the equation.

While I amended this post as soon as I learned that was not the case with Lilja, who collected the bonus even as the team let him go, I thought the Colts deserving of an additional headline here.

So we’ll be more conscious of such things moving forward in a new CBA climate and I'll be sure to make it more clear when I am interpreting moves from afar by connecting dots and when I am doing so with some assistance from the inside.

And I extend an apology to the Colts for adding any volume to the idea that getting out of paying Lilja what he had coming was part of their motivation in letting him go.