Jaguars ticket sales update

We will not get a full sense of how the Jaguars are doing at the box office until March 19 -- which is when season ticket renewals are due.

But the team's been working feverishly on the marketing end of things and reaching out at rallies and events to spur interest.

Here's an update Vito Stellino provided from the same story in the previous post that focused on fan interest, or lack of it, in Tim Tebow. This came after Gene Smith took questions for more than 45 minutes on a conference call with season-ticket holders:

Tim Connolly, who runs their ticketing department, gave an update on the ticket sales. He said the Jaguars have sold 5,000 new season tickets so far, compared to 400 at this time last year, and gave a lot of the credit to the buzz created by Touchdown Jacksonville, the civic group spearheading the ticket-selling campaign.

Connolly said about 35 percent of the 27,000 season tickets have been renewed, but he said most of the fans renew at the last minute. The renewal deadline is March 19.

A gain of 5,000 is great at this point. The draft will spur more. But the season-ticket renewals key it all. The Jaguars have to hold onto their core while trying to grow it. We'll be looking for that number as soon as Connolly has it.