AFC South, like most, slow with UFAs

If you’re feeling like free agency’s been especially slow for your team, well, so was I.

That’s why I asked master of the NFC West universe and spreadsheet wunderkind Mike Sando if he could easily look at division by division addition. And while our division is closer to the bottom than the top in terms of unrestricted free agent signings, it's hardly the slowest.

2010 UFA acquisitions by division

The AFC South's three newcomers are Aaron Kampman and Kassim Osgood in Jacksonville and Wade Smith in Houston. Will Witherspoon in Tennessee does not count in this tally, because he didn't become an unrestricted free agent with an expiring contract, he came to market when the Eagles let him go.

The Colts are subject to the final eight rule, which prohibits them from adding an unrestricted free agent like Osgood, Kampman or Smith until they lose one. And their only remaining chance to lose one is if kicker Matt Stover signs with another team.

I wouldn't expect the division to climb very far up the ladder as this chart grows.

All the teams in the division widely consider free agency to be a mechanism to supplement the draft. Depth and role players can be filled in with unrestricted free agents. But beyond the moves already made, any big signings to fill big voids before the draft would qualify as big surprises.