Unbalanced schedule

The Titans’ 14-week voluntary offseason conditioning program kicked off Monday. With the way Jeff Fisher spaced it, players had a good break before it started and will have another good summer break before training camp begins. (There are a couple weeks off during the program.)

But not everyone in the division takes the same tact.

Houston’s program starts March 29.

Jacksonville’s program kicks off April 5.

Indianapolis hasn’t revealed the date it starts, but it makes sense for the Colts to be late as their season ran as long as possible with a Super Bowl appearance.

The late start for the Jaguars means Jack Del Rio’s troops will have a shorter summer “vacation” between the end of the offseason work on July 15 and the start of training camp.

Offseason programs are huge on two fronts:

Guys get individual instruction that helps them make gains in specific areas that should then translate to their performance in the fall.

A team’s personality and leadership starts to form as players work together, see each other regularly and talk about goals for the 2010 season.

Is it better spaced the way the Titans are doing it or with the Jaguars' long spring? There is no telling if one sort of scheduling is better than another, but I certainly thought it was worth denoting the differences.