Football Outsiders gives Stewart thumbs up

You’ve got to be an Insider to get a full look at this interesting piece by Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders.

But I have special privileges in terms of revealing AFC South elements.

There is no mention of the Colts, Jaguars or Texans regarding blown blocks.

The Titans, meanwhile, get high praise:

With an excellent line that stayed relatively healthy all season, Tennessee's five linemen combined to allow only 5.5 sacks from blown blocks. Combined with the 6.5 blown blocks they allowed that led to quarterback hurries, their total of 12 blown blocks was the best total in the league.

The nastiest of the Titans lineman was rated the best at his position.

Right tackle David Stewart was the most effective right tackle in these categories with zero sacks, one hurry and one total blown block.

Only San Diego left guard Kris Dielman with zero sacks, zero hurries and zero blown blocks was better, while Baltimore center Matt Birk was on par with Stewart.

Stewart and Michael Roos combined to allow four sacks all season, a league low for a tackle tandem.