Hayward a good move at thin spot for Jags

Who knows exactly what Reggie Hayward has left?

This will be his 10th season, he’s coming off a broken leg suffered in last season’s opener and he just turned 30.

Still, re-signing the unrestricted free agent as the Jaguars did Wednesday is a smart move. He’s experienced, he has the sort of personality the team wants and those qualities can be a benefit to the younger players. He’ll adapt to a role even if it’s not as big as the one he hopes for.

I praised the Titans for giving themselves options at cornerback, a weak spot. I do the same here for the Jaguars, who added a big free agent in Aaron Kampman and now bolster their depth by retaining Hayward.

Pass rush is still a draft priority. But a Kampman, Derrick Harvey, Hayward trio is a solid start on a better year for quarterback pursuit.

Maybe it even opens first-round options for a team that is currently without a second-round pick.