A quick game of catch-up

Vacation was great, thanks for asking.

Please give me some time to catch up on Facebook messages and conversations. It was nice to see some many friend requests and Twitter followers are now over 7,000. Please join them.

While I did disconnect, I didn’t leave the country and inevitably found myself glancing at my UberTwitter feed.

Upside: Fodder for this quick-hitting post:

Pollard: Bravo to the Texans for locking up strong safety Bernard Pollard in short order after they got DeMeco Ryans’ long-term deal done. When Texans fans were getting anxious over the status of Ryans, Owen Daniels and Pollard, I said they had plenty of time but that I thought they’d be well-served to have two of three locked up long term before training camp. They beat my deadline by a long way, and if Daniels is healthy and recovered from the ACL reconstruction that sidetracked him last year, they could go 3-for-3.

Simms: The Titans brought back Chris Simms as their No. 3 quarterback and certainly hope that helps their push to reduce Kerry Collins’ scheduled $5.5 million salary this season. Still, given a choice of who you’d want in the game if Vince Young is down, it’d be hard to go with Simms over Collins. It’s time for Simms to show he can play if needed, or he’s going to qualify only as a No. 3 retread. I haven’t seen the money, but I can't imagine he got much up front and would cost the Titans much if they don’t keep him this season.

Rackers: I like Houston’s Neil Rackers signing a lot, and selling it as a straight camp competition between Rackers and incumbent Kris Brown isn’t simply spin from the team. If Brown outperforms Rackers, the Texans can stick with Brown for just the extra $350,000 they guaranteed Rackers.

Haynesworth: Talk of the Redskins trying to deal Albert Haynesworth seemed to die down pretty quickly after the Donovan McNabb trade info came to light. But if Washington, a team with a small pool of draft picks in the first year of the Mike Shanahan-Bruce Allen era is hell bent on 1) ditching last year’s free-agent prize and 2) adding a pick even after shelling out a secondary bonus of $21 million recently, well, the Titans aren’t the only team that should be calling and calling again during the draft offering at least a third-rounder. The Jaguars and Texans should be push, too. I’m not paid for Redskins insight, but making such a move with Haynesworth a year after falling in love with him would be imbecilic. Never mind moving him. The team’s determination to have defensive coordinator Jim Haslett change to a 3-4 a year after the franchise opened the vault for a premier 4-3 tackle smacks of control-freak disease, wouldn’t you agree?

Seems like things have been pretty quiet on the Jaguars’ and Colts’ fronts. I’ll see if that’s truly the case as I catch up.