Horton on Houston Texans

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. did pre-draft team files spanning the NFL across four categories: front office, offensive philosophy, defensive philosophy and three primary team needs.

You have to be an Insider to see the whole file, but here are some highlights from his Houston Texans file that were declassified by the ESPN.com brass:

“…They have a scouting department that is better than the product we see on the field. … The Texans' front office is conservative and sometimes stubborn and is not prone to making risky decisions. Their deep scouting department gives the team much knowledge about players, but you just don't see it making a lot of ‘gut’ decisions.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: Mario Williams was a gutsy decision if not a gut decision in 2006, but it was made before Rick Smith was hired as general manager.

“The Texans have an aggressive front four and a conservative back seven, but they want the back end to be physical and tackle well, and speed is an attribute that they always look for.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: Those linebackers could be more aggressive as pass rushers if the team is able to find two pieces for the back seven, a reliable free safety and a big-time corner.

And on defensive tackle, which he ranks as the team’s No. 3 need: “All the pass rush and big plays come from the outside, and the Texans are good at defensive end but just average inside. Starters Shaun Cody and Amobi Okoye are solid run-stoppers, but they are not big-play guys. A perfect fit would be an athletic, one-gap penetrator who could give them an inside pass rush.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: Some match the Texans with Tennessee defensive tackle Dan Williams at No. 20, but in a 4-3 he’s more of a run stopper than pass rusher.