Our mock draft comes Monday

Having been named blog network president by the powers that be in Bristol, I was asked to head to serve as chairman of the one-man blog network mock draft committee.

I am pleased to report that in two relatively pain-free days, the eight of us successfully used the interweb to piece together a mock draft that’s as good as any I’ve looked over.

Which means we should bat, what, about .085?

NFC South maestro Pat Yasinskas wished me harm as he previewed the mock, which will appear here Monday. (No hints, we're creating suspense here.) And AFC East savant Tim Graham was the only guy to select a player who was already taken, though he blamed it on the spacing of the entry before his.

I feel confident we all agree with this assessment about mock drafting from NFC West sovereign Mike Sando. One wrench in the works creates all sorts of chaos theory in practice and all sorts of scenarios we are unlikely to see.

But it is fun to step into the shoes of the AFC South decision makers, who can go on to hang a bad forecast around your neck like an anvil.

Once, when I was a newspaperman who gave the 49ers Aaron Rodgers first overall in 2005, a copy of my mock found its way down from the Titans’ war room to my press room desk, illustrated in red marker by a scout.

Rodgers name was circled and the arrow, which seemed a mile long, traveled all the way to 24th, where he was selected by Green Bay. Never mind the lead in to that mock was all about how I was reluctant to do it and expected poor results. Or that Rodgers has proved superior to Alex Smith. We're crapshooters here.

By the way, once my boss reads that story, I am pretty sure I will be stripped of my presidency.