Dissecting an 'ultimate mock'

We’re late to this, but it’s usually pretty good at stirring up some debate, and since we are stalling until Tuesday night’s schedule release and Thursday night’s draft kickoff…

I present an AFC South-angled look at Mike Silver’s annual ultimate mock draft.

Silver takes the original draft order (undoing trades that took teams out of the first round) and picks one through 32 with everyone in the world available. Five of those players come from the AFC South, tied for the lead with the AFC North.

Peyton Manning goes first overall to St. Louis, Chris Johnson sixth to Seattle, Dwight Freeney 17th to Carolina, Brian Cushing 18th to Pittsburgh and Andre Johnson 20th to Houston -- isn't it nice that he gets to stay where he is?

The AFC South selections: Adrian Peterson to Jacksonville 10th, Jared Allen to Tennessee 16th, Johnson to Houston 20th and the presumed top pick of next year’s draft, Washington quarterback Jake Locker, to Indianapolis 31st.

I think Peterson’s too redundant for the Jaguars who’ve got Maurice Jones-Drew, so I would take Patrick Willis there.

Allen to the Titans makes sense football-wise, though he’s a little wild for them and with Johnson gone they need a dynamic weapon. How about Andre Johnson?

The Texans might have been tempted to risk losing Andre Johnson in the dozen picks after theirs if they could have had Peterson or Nnamdi Asomugha, but both were gone. Troy Polamalu had to be tempting. (Ed Reed as is simply too old and injury prone and could still retire.)

Locker is a clever pick for the Colts, who need to replace Manning ASAP.

Any thoughts?