Invisible Henry ready to make appearance

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans are going to go deep into the bench Sunday in Indianapolis. They want to win their 14th game as the franchise has never hit that total before. To do it, they're likely going to need contributions from players who've been living in the deep background.

Players like running back Chris Henry. The Titans fourth running back behind Chris Johnson, LenDale White and Quinton Ganther, Henry has not dressed for a game this year.

Henry rates as the biggest miss of the Mike Reinfeldt era, which is only two years. A workout warrior, he came to the NFL with minimal experience in college at Arizona. And he's shown minimal instincts as a running back since the Titans took him in the second round, 50th overall.

It's too easy to look back at drafts and say who a team could have had in a certain spot, but the Titans were receiver needed -- as they always seem to be -- and USC's Steve Smith went with the pick after Henry to the New York Giants. He's their leading receiver with 55 catches.

I talked to Henry after practice Friday.

What do you need to make of this chance?

"I'm going to just take it as a regular game and go out and do my best."

What's the year been like for you watching the run game excel and not being a part of it in games?

"I don't really look at it like that. I look at it as they did the best they could this year and they did amazing. The team is winning games, that's all that's important."

Does this count as a lost year for you personally?

"I don't know what you want to consider lost, because I'm in the NFL. As far as production standpoint, of course. The only thing I can do is take it in stride and do whatever I can this game and take it game by game."

Could what you do in the game have a big bearing on your future?

"Yeah, I go into the game just treating it as if I've been playing all season, really. It's not like I've never played before. So I just go in, do what I can and put some good stuff on film."

What do you think your future is here beyond this year?

"I don't know, I have no idea. Who knows? That's why I've got to do the best I can on Sunday, put some good stuff on film and go from there."

Because the game has no bearing on either team's playoff positioning, we'll also probably see Chad Simpson, Najeh Davenport and Lance Ball, expected to be elevated from the practice squad, in the backfield for the Colts. Dominic Rhodes is out with a chest injury and Simpson is questionable with an ankle injury. Neither practiced all week.

One more thing on Henry. I asked him about Darrell Reid, the Colts defensive lineman.

Last year in the season finale when the Titans played at Indianapolis and had to win to get into the playoff, Henry fielded a kickoff, ran up the middle, slowed and got leveled by Reid. It's a hit that's been replayed often in highlight packages.

Will you be conscious of him at all?

"Why would I be conscious of him? I am not conscious [he made quotation marks in the air] of anybody, that's why I am a professional athlete. Why would I be conscious of any man? There is no man on earth that I'm conscious of, know what I am saying? It doesn't matter."